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    Groovy Tunes | Secret Garden
    SUMMER 2020
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Groovy Tunes finds its roots in Hasselt back in 2005. After a deejay contest which most of the residents of today took part in, the concept started for a 5 year domination of the Limburg club scene on Friday night.


Each weekend, Hasselt was packed with more than a thousand visitors. Groovy Tunes quickly became notorious for its unique sound and atmosphere. It is still that same vibe and sound that make the Groovy Tunes reunion parties stand out today. 

In 2010, Groovy Tunes 
relocated to The Factory In Bree, which started very promising. However, due to the location switch it was difficult to keep up with the same, magical pace as the former venue. Slowly but surely it appeared that the Hasselt connection was inherent in the Groovy Tunes DNA
Bree was too far off-center and the 'new' Groovy Tunes never reached the same peak of the previous years before. 


After 6 years of radio silence, former resident deejays Bjorn Migdalski & Solid decided it was time to resurrect the once so praised concept. After the first reunion in Hasselt 2016, it became very clear that Groovy Tunes still had the exact same magic in its hometown. The event sold out and the venue was way too small for the attendance. 


After some struggling to find a good location, the former residents landed the concept in the mighty Forty Five in Hasselt. The first edition sold out 3 weeks up front and the new Groovy Tunes era began in early 2018. 


With 2019 being a very successful year with 4 completely sold out editions, Groovy Tunes crushed all of its former records. As a cherry on the cake, the outdoor edition at the famous Secret Garden reached an audience of 1500 dancing souls. 


In 2020, the concept celebrates its 15 year anniversary. For the occasion, Groovy Tunes initiated a full re-branding while maintaining a strong link to the red & white colors from the past. Also there are ambitious plans to organise the very first Groovy Tunes Open Air Edition. Be sure to keep an eye out, because this year might just become the best year ever!



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Events: 22.00 - 06.00

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